About Coffee

What Makes Good Coffee?
We consider the following to be part of what makes good coffee:

A Good Bean: High quality coffee begins with selecting the right plantation, In the coffee world, Arabica is the bean of choice. It grows abundantly in the tropical conditions of the Caribbean, with the highest quality beans coming from the highest altitudes. Caribbean Mountain Coffee, 100% Arabica, is grown within the highest mountain range of the Caribbean, Hispaniola’s Cordillera Central.

Roasting: The art of roasting is responsible for realizing the full potential and maximum flavor of the high quality beans. Too little roasting fails to develop a full flavor, but over roasting results in a smoky, oily taste, where little of the inherit taste remains. Caribbean Mountain Coffee seeks a perfect balance for our special beans. Using traditional methods, the roasting process is overseen by an artisan roaster who determines by sight, smell and sound when the beans have reached their peak flavor.



Organic: Farming methods maintain and replenish soil fertility without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. Organic coffee is minimally processed without artificial ingredients, preservatives, or irradiation to maintain the integrity of the product.

Shade Grown / Bird Friendly: Coffee plants are grown around existing trees with no deforestation. This is good for the environment, watershed, and especially the birds, indigenous and migratory, who depend on the habitat for survival.

Sustainable: Sustainable coffee is produced on a farm with biological diversity. It conserves resources, protects the environment, produces efficiently, competes commercially, and enhances the quality of life for farmers and society as a whole.

Fair Trade: When you drink coffee produced by small scale farmers or associations, you are not only choosing a high quality coffee grown with care and attention, you are also helping to improve the living conditions of the workers and their families. Our coffee is purchased at fair trade prices through direct trade. Establishing a relationship with farmers is a win/win situation. Farmers provide higher quality beans as requested and receive higher pay than selling on the market. The consider us a special and appreciative customer and they take good care to see that we are happy with their product.