Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!


“I tried your Caribbean Mountain Coffee while on holiday in Tortola with my family and thought it was the best tasting coffee I’ve ever had in my life!  How can I buy some of your wonderful coffee?

Thanks!  Regards, E Blanco”


“Good Afternoon, 

Ever since I discovered your Caribbean Mountain Coffee on the Right Way shelf, my whole family has become one great fan of your products.  The main reason for this note is to send a great big “thank you!’ for bringing such a wonderful coffee that also contributes the livelihood of the Caribbean farmers in a sustainable way.

I have been taking your coffee as gifts to my family back in Japan, and they have also become your fans.  Good coffee is highly appreciated in Japan, perhaps even more so than in many of the western countries, and they swear they’ve never tasted anything better than the “BVI Coffee”!

Please keep your products coming!  We cannot live without it. Warm regards, M. Nishimizu ”


“On my recent trip to the BVI’s, I had the delightful pleasure of drinking your brand of coffee. I enjoyed it so much that I have visited your site with the hopes of purchasing it.

My husband and I were staying at Scrub Island when I first sampled your coffee. I made a pot everyday in our room and enjoyed it overlooking the water…a very pleasant moment each day!

Rgds. M. Giacalone  Clarksburg, MD”


“I was in the BVI recently and purchased some of your delicious Organic Arabica coffee. Now that I am back in the States, I wish I had more! Can it be purchased online?  Thanks, S. Rodeheaver”

“Recently my husband and I were two weeks in the BVI, and fell in love with your dark roast coffee while staying at Myett’s in Cane Garden Bay.  Before our trip home we stuffed our carry-on bags with as much coffee to share and enjoy as we could.  Once home I looked up your website and am THRILLED to find that purchasing is available,

 Thank you very much in advance.  I come originally from the Seattle, Washington area and we have some very excellent black gold there, but you have a converted fan in meJ.        J Brooks, Meadow Vista, CA” 


“Great Coffee”     R Daffurn, Sonoma, CA


“My husband and I just returned from a brief trip to the VI where we fell in love with many things including your Dark Roast. We would like to purchase some of your coffee for our own consumption and also as gifts for those we know who appreciate a good cup of coffee.         Many thanks, C Storm”

“Good morning Libbie,

I would LOVE to order some more coffee from you.  I’ve looked high and low, and can’t find anything that I enjoy as well as your whole bean dark roast.  Could I order 6 bags from you please?

 Thanks so much!    M Heller”